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Dynabrade Polisher

The dynabrade polisher polishers are perfect for those who want to get their polishing game going. This model is inspired by the popular air polisher buffer, with anita-shaped base and 10, 000 rpm speed. The buffering system ensures that burs are properly cleaned and the user is kept informed of where and how many burs are used. The dynabrade polisher polishers are available in a variety of colors and sizes.



By Dynabrade Products

USD $182.70

Dynabrade 51400 3"  Dia. 7 Degree Offset Rotary Buffer

Top 10 Dynabrade Polisher Features

Dynabrade is a word for "preliminary tool" and "polisher" are words for "to smooth out". This word is also a word for "polisher" and is used to describe the action of the tool.
the dynabrade 51400 3 dia. 7 degree offset rotary buffer is a perfect tool for polishing systems. It has a 3-della offset design that makes it easy to use and manage. The buffer is easy to clean and includes aatrium for care and protection of the tool.
this is a dynabrade polisher that is designed for professional ice cream flavorsmithing and honing. The lightweight and easy to use tool is perfect for daily use and is even perfect for reaching into the innermost depths of auratonic ice cream. With itsmeetthedynabradepolisher team you'll have everything you need to get the job done right. With this polisher, you'll have a tool that is both lightweight and easy to use, that will help you achieve the perfect ice cream flavor.